Keller’s new book

I thoroughly recommend Tim Keller’s new book The Reason For God. I am just getting into it, but I can already tell that it is going to be great. The premise of the book, as I see it, is that doubts about Christianity and God’s existence rest upon assumptions furnished by alternative beliefs. In the first section of the book, “The Leap of Doubt,” Keller examines these assumptions and shows how they are inconsistent with their own premises. (For example, he shows how relativism is really covert absolutism.) In the second section of the book, “The Reasons for God,” Keller argues for the plausibility and consistency of belief in God.

Its winsome, intelligent, and intelligible to people without religious background. I think its going to be very helpful for both skeptics and believers.


  1. Alicia Ann

    i just bought that book for the local outreach team at my work!!

  2. ErinOrtlund

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out!

  3. Is this book in any way similar to Lewis’ <>The Abolition of Man<>?

  4. Gavin Ortlund

    hey ben, Possibly, but I have heard more comparisons to Mere Christianity – P.S. which Ben are you? :)Gavin

  5. Hello,Do you think you could upload the book picture to your blogspot account, at the moment it’s linking to my website, which for one nicks my bandwidth and two means you have a rubbish resolution picture.Thanks,Hugh (

  6. Gavin Ortlund

    Done! Sorry Hugh.

  7. Cheers :-)Gonna get the book soon. Just listened to the audio from website, good talks!

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