More in Life

I am here at Caribou Coffee on a roll with blog post ideas, so here is one final quote from The Narnian, which I finished this week (and was well worth the read – I recommend it!). Towards the end of his life, as Joy is dying from cancer and they are trying to savor their remaining time together, Lewis wrote in a letter to a friend: “indeed my situation is not easy to describe. My heart is breaking and I was never so happy before; at any rate there is more in life than I knew about” (285).

There is more to life than I knew about. What I find so amazing about this statement is how late in his life Lewis can make it. By this point (1958, five years before his death) Lewis is already a literary celebrity around the globe. He has acheived as much success in his field as anyone could expect. He has experienced war, love, friendship, a dramatic conversion, and fame. His own health is even starting to fail. And yet at this stage of life he is still discovering new aspects to life that he never knew about before.

From this I draw the lesson: never stop growing. Boredom with life is simply inexcusable. If we are bored with life, the problem is with us, not the world. There is always more in life to experience, always more to learn, always more to love. This is a function of a Christian worldview: because we live in God’s world, and ultimately before God himself, reality has endless meaning, endless possibility. Anything can be a door to newness and change, because anything can point you to God. There is always more out there.


  1. Dane Ortlund

    Interesting Gav. Similarly I’ve also found 4 places in vol 3 of Lewis’ collected letters in which he describes an experience on St. Mark’s Day 1951 in which forgiveness of sins/justification came home to him as it never had before. He said he felt after that day that he had never really believed in forgiveness.


  2. ErinOrtlund

    Nice post! Great accompanying picture.


  3. J.W. Ruch

    Great lesson, Gav. Thanks for sharing that about Lewis. I miss your fellowship.


  4. Esther O

    Great post, sweet one!


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