Quotes on Christ’s Resurrection (1)

I am also going to be compiling helpful quotes that I come across in my resurrection study. Here is one of many great ones that I have come across in my reading Richard Gaffin:

The significance of Christ’s resurrection does not lie where the difference between him and believers is most pronounced but in what they have in common. Paul is not primarily interested in Jesus’ resurrection for its apologetic value as an especially evident display and powerful proof of his divinity. Rather … he views it as the vindication of the incarnate Christ in his sufferings and obedience unto death, as his constitution as ‘firstborn among many brothers’ (Romans 8:29)…. The resurrection of Jesus is just as thoroughly messianic and adamic as are his sufferings and death. His resurrection is as equally representative and vicarious as his death.

Richard B. Gaffin, The Centrality of the Resurrection: A Study in Paul’s Soteriology (Grand Rapids: Baker House Book Company, 1978), 65-66.

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