New York City

Esther and I spent Labor Day weekend in New York Cit and had a fantastic time.  We got in early Saturday afternoon and did the common tourist’s first step of going to the top of the Empire State Building, where we got great views in every direction.  This is the south view:

Looking North and a little East:

This is us at the top (we had to switch sides because her hair kept flying in my mouth):

Saturday night we explored near our hotel and then went out for pizza.  On Sunday we took the Staten Island Ferry to get a good view of the Statue of Liberty:

We also got to explore Battery Park, Ground Zero, and the Wall Street area.  Sunday evening we visited Redeemer Presbyterian Church and then walked through Times Square.  Monday we took a long walk through Central Park, then spent several hours relaxing at a coffee shop in Union Square (and exploring a nearby used bookstore).  Here’s us at Central Park:

Over the course of our weekend, I found myself frequently saying to Esther, “New York feels like no other city I’ve ever been in before.”  Part of that is the sheer size – the streams of yellow cabs, the gargantuan skyscrapers, the dizzying diversity of language and culture, the sprawling immensity in each direction.  But there’s also something distinctive about the city that can’t be quite captured in words.  I’d have to say that I don’t agree with John Mayer’s lyric: “I never like this Apple much: it always felt too big to touch.”  I felt that at least Manhattan has something very touchable.  As we spent several days exploring the city, I found myself realizing that I have a deep love for cities, and a deep burden for their spiritual renewal.  If New York City is this beautiful now, what will it be like in the new earth?  Wow.  Can’t wait to visit it then.

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