Truth Unites Has a Podcast!

Lots of people have asked if the audio from my Truth Unites videos could be made into a podcast. It is truly my intention that Truth Unites is a ministry that serves you all, and meets as many needs as possible.

So: nothing will change to my YouTube videos. If that is what you enjoy, just keep going with it. But the audio will start being available in podcast format as well. That way it allows for maximum access and ease on your end as listeners/viewers. The link is here: (also available on spotify).

If you are willing to support this channel on patreon, it would truly be a blessing and enables me to do more with this ministry. You also get early access to videos, and entrance into my patron community where I prioritize questions, suggestions, etc. However, feel no obligation. This is only for those who feel a desire or leading to that. Another way you can help is watching, listening, sharing, commenting, engaging, etc.

Special thanks to my friend Clau who has helped my YouTube channel in this way and so many others. May the Lord bless you for blessing others, Clau!

Thanks everyone for watching and engaging my content. May it be honoring to Christ, clarifying to the truth, and edifying to people.


  1. Andrew Cantwell


    I hope you and the family are well in Ojai. I love the work you are doing and am excited to see the audio will be available. Do you plan to make these available through the Podcast app on apple devices? I am not finding it when I search.




    1. hey Andy, great to hear from you! Hope you guys are doing well! Say hi to your family. As of now, it just available on anchor and spotify. It should start showing up soon on spotify. Apologies if that does not meet your need…


      1. David English

        It may be on Spotify, but I’m not seeing it on google/android podcast feeds. They use the RSS feeds that are on apple Podcasts so my guess would be that it isn’t feeding to Apple Podcasts right now! Can’t wait to hear your stuff on podcasts! Thanks for this.


  2. Hi Gavin! Will your podcast be available through apple podcasts, overcast, etc.? Or will it just live on anchor and Spotify?

    Also, I love your content! Keep up the good work.


    1. glad you like it! Right now its on a bunch of different platforms but not apple podcasts, sorry. Hopefully I can do that in the future if it would be helpful.


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