Truth Unites Plans for Spring 2023

Thanks to everyone who supports Truth Unites and who has been praying for my ministry over the fall and winter. It’s been a busy stretch, and I truly appreciate your prayers. I have felt sustained by the Lord each step along the way.

In August and September I refrained from travel as we welcomed little Abigail into the world. In October and early November I had a busy season of travel and ministry (which I shared about in my last post). Then over the holidays I was able to get a bit more done of my book, Why Protestantism Makes Sense: The Case for an Always Reforming Church (Zondervan Reflective, 2024). In January I released a video on icon veneration that has generated lots of response videos, which I have been trying to engage as I have time. This month (February) I spoke at Grace Baptist Church’s Men’s Conference on cultural apologetics, and then at the Evangelical Free Church Theology Conference on how the doctrine of God helps us in evangelism and apologetics.

In two weeks I have my debate with Trent Horn in Ohio, which I am very much looking forward to. In late April I travel to New York City for the first gathering of the fellows of the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, which I am honored to be a part of. Other than that, I have decided to decline all travel for the spring and summer. It’s just been too busy, and with five kids at home I need to mindful that my family needs me. My basic plan is simply to serve my church and finish my book by the end of May, and then I am going to take some time off from social media over the summer (I will share more about that later in the spring).

Here are the videos you can expect in the future:

  1. Interview with Chris Watkin on his book Biblical Critical Theory
  2. Interview with Parker Settecase on the simulation hypothesis
  3. Law and Grace in Les Mis
  4. Theological Interpretation of Scripture: An Assessment
  5. How Not to Help a Sufferer (What Not to Say)
  6. Complementarianism and Egalitarianism in Theological Triage
  7. Five Ways Beauty Points to God
  8. The Pastoral Wisdom of Gregory the Great
  9. Response to Alex O’Connor on Divine Hiddenness
  10. Response to Stephen Woodford Response: “Defending Every Argument For God in 15 Minutes”

If you’d like to become a patron, you can do so here. I do patron only updates + patron only zooms now and again (next one is Feb 25), so it’s a great way to stay in touch and get to know each other and be a part of the ministry.

Thank you all again for your support!


  1. James Keys

    Thanks for all you do. Your efforts are a blessing. Wishing you and your family a quiet peaceful summer with little drama.

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  2. I’m really glad to see you’re cutting back some for more family focus time. I am certain God will bless that decision. Praying for you, your family, and your ministry…God’s blessings brother!

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  3. Charles Catterall

    Greetings Rev. Dr. Ortlund, I had hoped to contact you via another means, but could not find an e-mail address. I posted the following on your Sola Scriptura Debate Review YouTube video. I would sincerely appreciate your response. I am a sincere seeker. The following is sincere, not argumentative. Of what use is an infallible Book without an infallible interpretation? If God went through the trouble of giving humanity an infallible Book through fallible men, why wouldn’t He give us an infallible Interpretation through fallible men so that we can know what the Book means? Presumably, from the Book, God’s desire has been to form a new, united humanity (Ephesians 2). Why would He give us an infallible Book without an infallible Interpretation, which would result in His new, united humanity disagreeing with one another and dividing as soon as it began. Paul wrote, “I urge you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree in what you say, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and in the same purpose.” (1 Cor. 1:10) Why wouldn’t God give humanity an infallible Interpretation of the Book, so that we wouldn’t have divisions and so that we would agree with one another in mind and purpose?


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