Check out my YouTube channel, Truth Unites, which consists of a mixture of apologetics and theology, with an irenic focus. 

Below I also include some sample debates, dialogues, sermons, lectures, and interviews.


  1. Garrett

    Excellent sermon! Thanks for the work you put in and for adapting for our church.

    We love you guys and are thankful for the work God has for you.

    -Garrett and the members of LaPlata Baptist


    please come again!


  2. Rhett Jones

    As a Roman Catholic and a lover of Aquinas and the Fathers (esp. Augustine), I love your “Was there Gospel Theology before the Reformation?” video. My recent discovery of Henri de Lubac, Joseph Ratzinger, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and communio/ressourcement theology was absolutely freeing for me as it brings the Fathers and the Mediaevals in their proper contexts to life today. Have you checked out these authors?

    God bless, brother, and keep seeking truth!! I do the same and will do the same until five minutes after I’m dead. Would love to connect.

    -Rhett Jones

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    1. Thanks Rhett! Glad to connect. You might be interested in my book: You might also be interested in this video:

      Take care and stay in touch!


  3. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube about your disagreements on the papacy. I found your point of view interesting. I do like your logic and understanding. You might be interested in some jewish history of where some the papacy derived from.


    Mark Hart


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